Corporate Clients

Floral designs for corporate needs. Need to order in quantities for special functions? We offer special discounts for corporate clients. Please call to book an appointment.

Doctors, dentists, hotels and restaurants are just a sample of some of our corporate clients that benefit from our weekly flower deliveries.

Do you appreciate your clients? If you don’t your competition will! Did you know that rewarding your clients for their patronage is easy and costs little in comparison to the cost of acquiring new customers? Your competition knows this and takes action; if you don’t, you could lose more and more clients.

Showing your clients that you care is easy and takes only a few seconds. You would think that most business owners know this, but sadly only a select few do. The winning ones do! Most business owners dream of the big sale and when they get it, they simply say “Thanks for your business” When they don’t get repeat customers, they wonder why. Referrals are the easiest way to grow your business but yet, most business owners overlook this important fact.

Many consumers buy from a company based on the recommendation of friends. Do you want to be that recommended business, or are you happy with your current business levels? Do you want more sales??

Show your clients that you care about them and appreciate them and they’ll come back!

Research has proven again and again that flowers make people feel better and improve mood. As well as improving the air quality of a home or office. They also help to warm a room with color and scents.

For an office environment, research has shown that flowers improve productivity, increase creativity and improve morale. What’s more, they create what’s called a “Mood Contagion”. This occurs when clients or prospects encounter a staff member who is in a good mood. This good mood is contagious and the client or prospect now becomes happier and are therefore more likely to buy from you. When they do, be sure to send them a flower arrangement to thank them for their business.

How else can you achieve increased productivity, increased creativity and improved morale as well as cleaner air and happier customers? All for a price that is within your budget. Looking for more reasons to have flowers and plants in the workplace? How about a discount for your staff when they order flowers from us! This employee benefit costs you nothing but it allows your staff to obtain savings on their flower purchases throughout the year.

Looking for even more reasons? How about more employee benefits? You can setup automatic floral arrangements to be sent on their birthdays or anniversaries (wedding date or hire date) or for promotions or for a job well done.

How easy is that? You can achieve a variety of corporate benefits including increased productivity and creativity and improved mood as well as improved air quality and happier clients (mood contagion and floral rewards). You can also setup employee benefits such as “Our Floral Birthday Club” and discounts on their floral needs.

We can send a corporate package to your business and can help determine how best to meet your needs. Call us today at (403)263-3070 to find out how easy it is to set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly floral deliveries!